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Slicers: Hook It

Sometimes you hit the slider right off the tee or maybe the fear strikes at you every time step into the field. Whatever the reason is, when the clubface is open upon impact of a swing path, a slice occurs.

By lurching the back shoulder toward the ball at the start of a downswing will usually leaves the face open. This common problem occurs when a golfer swing hard. The club will push out-to-in path when a golfer shoulder moves out and when clubface reaches the ball, the clubface will usually be open.

Today we’re going to take look at hook producing moves, to prevent from doing this mistake again, that will rectify a slice.

First thing you need to do is fix your posture. Close your feet, hips and shoulders to target.

Next, when you swing the club, make sure it is positioned slightly to inside as you turn your shoulders upward(to the top). Third step is to shift your lower body toward the target by starting a downswing, and keep your right shoulders back and in. Last step, swing your arm and make sure the club is out and through the ball, allow your left elbow to fold down and your upper arm remain close to your side. Your left arm will square the face, when it releases over your right arm.

Make use of The Split-Hands Drill to Learn to Release

Slicers can do a lot of things on the range to feel what it’s like square the clubface. The split-hands drill can do just that. Part your hands a few inches on the club, then set up the driver normally. With this grip position, it’ll give the illusion your right arm is longer, which causes your left elbow to fold against your side as you swing. This will square the face which caused by the folding movements which rotates your right arm over the left through impact. Practice this move slowly at first. Starts a slow swing practice until you get the feel of right arm release. When you get the hang of it, hit the balls with three-quarter swing. You’ll see the ball start turning right to left.

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