How To Baseball 101 (Basics)

Here in this article we’re going to learn about the basics of baseball. We’re going to learn how to play baseball first before we can be good at it. Though this article doesn’t contain any rules for baseball, but you guys look it up in MLB.

Step 1: Things You Required

There are only a couple of things you need.

A partner and a bat. The bat you’re using must not be too heavy for you to swing and it must too long or too short, but just nice. Oh, and a glove, don’t forget this one. Lastly, the key equipment; a baseball ball.

Step 2: Throwing, the right way

Before you pull any serious physical stunts, warm yourself up, do stretching to avoid muscle injuries.

After you’ve warm up enough, you can start throwing. Throw the ball to your partner do not throw it underhand or sidearm, you should start with overhand. For starting just stay 10ft-15ft away from your partner. Practice throwing the ball to each other until you get the hang of it. Make sure your throwing arm is pointing towards the person you’re throwing to. Practice throwing using your wrist only. Once you’ve done practicing by yourself, you can start practicing it with your partner. Arm up, wrist tilted back, and pointing to your partner.

Step 3: Catching The Ball

Ask your partner to throw and you do the catching. When you’re trying to catch the ball, make sure the ball fall into the web area of the glove. Catch the ball using two hands, one is for catching and the other is for covering.

When a ground ball rolls your way, bend down your knees and lower your gloved hand and your bare hands positioned on top of your gloved hand. If a slow ground ball rolls toward you, run to it and pick it up.

Trying to catch pop-up fly ball can be difficult. First , locked your eyes on the ball up in air then anticipates its trajectory and ready both of your hands.

Step 4: Outfield

Most opinionated that outfielders are the most important members of a baseball team. The outfielders stay outfield behind the diamond. Their main task is to catch pop-up, base runners and hold anything from getting past them.

To catch pop-up/fly, held up both of your hands and step back. Follow the direction of the ball is going fall. This makes easier for you to anticipate the ball. After you’ve catch the ball, you need to throw it. Start running toward your target after pop-up, ground ball or line drive is fielded. Do a slight jump, then, throw the ball towards your target while running at him and when your ball touched him, yelled out “I got him!” to notify outfielders it’s your ball. This called Crow Hop.

Step 5: Hitting

Hitting a ball can be very hard to do when you just starting out, but you’ll get better with practice. Practice by throwing the ball up in the air then hit. As you progress, get a partner to throw the ball at you and hit the ball. When you want to hit the ball make sure you arms fully extended out and level your swing. Do not pull away your head when you hit the ball stay your head in. Find your batting stance, the one that suits you. For starters, you can try to position your front toe touching the ground, and hold your bat at your chest level. This should give some chance to hit the ball.

Bunting can hard when you just started but through practice it’ll be easy. Bunting is like catching the ball using the bat. To bunt, square around to the pitcher or partner, put your left hand at the base of the bat and right hand near the neck of the bat. The right hand will act as pivot.

Step 6: Base Running

Things could become a bit confusing when comes to base running. You shouldn’t start running when someone hit pop fly. The opposing could tag you out, if you are still on the first base and start running when before someone catches the ball. But there’s a way to get around this, that is to tag up. When a player catches a ball, you can run for the second base, this is tagging. You can still be eliminated if you don’t run fast enough and they can tag you if you haven’t reach the second base.

Different leagues has different rules for stealing. A good steal is getting a good jump, if not, you are out. Rules for field fly can be very confusing, you look it up more on the Internet.

Step 7: Pickup Games

This little game of baseball is fun to play and give good experience. You can use sweatshirts as bases in pickup games  and parent as pitcher. Call up your friends and your dad to start a pickup game.

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